All In One ERP Solution For Your School

Manages all activities of your school with most advanced School Management Software.

Why Choose Us?

We are recognized as the foremost market leaders, delivering cutting-edge and user-friendly ERP solutions along with exemplary services.

Data Security

Implementation of 'Zero Trust' access layer for authentication & authorisation of Schoolcare application.

24/7 Support

Our experienced support engineers are available round the clock for any resolution of query.


Build on open API, to customise solutions based on school needs. Custom URL & tailored reports.

User Friendly

Engage Teachers, Students, Parents without technical expertise. Multiuser login operations with ease.

Implementing Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud ERP enables educational institutions to optimize resources and enhance productivity through comprehensive campus automation. It offers essential services like Data Access, Storage, Security, Accessibility, and Integration, upgrading operational efficiency without massive investments.


The solution is easy to implement and incredibly cost effective, as it does not demand any hardware or infrastructure for its deployment.


The data is stored in a centralized location, ensuring convenient access for end-users.


Cloud ERP Implementation provides role-based access controls and incorporates automatic triggering and backup mechanisms for institutional data, guaranteeing comprehensive 360-degree data security.


With an active internet connection, critical institutional information becomes readily accessible from any location and at any time.

Advantages of SchoolCare

Benefits to management

The SchoolCare management software enhances the operational efficiency of educational institutions, leading to cost savings, while ensuring timely and accurate information for school management, teachers, students, and parents. Our ERP software for schools offers a range of advantages, include

Saving time and money in the long run
Eliminating the use of paper
Reduction in employee working hours
Conducting online meetings

Benefits to teachers

The SchoolCare management software offers a selection of exceptional modules that empower teachers to dedicate less time to routine administrative duties and devote more attention to crafting effective approaches for delivering high-quality education to students. These modules, designed to support teachers, encompass:

Lesson planner
Attendance management
Reporting system
Examination management

Benefits to parents and students

The SchoolCare ERP software facilitates continuous communication between parents, students, teachers, and school management, enabling a shift toward a more transparent, secure, and dependable educational experience. The following outlines the avenues through which our school ERP software can deliver advantages to students and parents:

Tracking the child’s progress
Instant communication facility
Timely updates of news, blogs, forums, etc.
Getting details of school events and holiday list