Transport Management

Transport management is an essential aspect of a school ERP system, particularly for schools that provide transportation services to students. Here are some common features of transport management within a School ERP:


Route Planning and Optimization

The ERP system helps in designing efficient transportation routes based on student addresses, ensuring timely and optimized bus routes to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency.

Vehicle and Driver Management

The ERP system maintains a database of school vehicles, including details such as vehicle numbers, capacity, and maintenance schedules. It also manages driver information, including licenses, contact details, and assigned routes.


GPS Tracking

The ERP system may integrate with GPS tracking devices installed in school vehicles. It allows real-time monitoring of vehicle locations, ensuring safety and providing accurate information about bus arrival and departure times.

Student Enrollment and Allocation

The ERP system facilitates student enrollment for transportation services. Parents can register their child for bus transportation, providing necessary details like pick-up/drop-off points, and the system allocates the appropriate bus and route based on the information provided.


Attendance Tracking

The ERP system tracks student attendance on school buses, providing accurate records of who boards and exits the bus at each stop. It helps ensure the safety and accountability of students during transportation.

Notification and Alerts

The ERP system sends automated notifications and alerts to parents and students regarding bus schedules, delays, changes in routes, or any other transportation-related updates. It helps keep parents informed and reduces confusion.


Fee Management

The ERP system handles fee collection and management for transportation services. It generates transportation fee invoices, tracks payments, and provides parents with online payment options, streamlining the financial aspect of transportation management.

Emergency Management

The ERP system includes features for emergency management during transportation. It allows the school to quickly communicate with parents and relevant staff in case of emergencies, accidents, or any unforeseen situations during transportation.